awkins Clock Center stocks 200 different mechanical and battery powered clock movements to suit all of your needs. Whether you are building a clock or replacing a worn or defective movement, very likely we have it in stock. We carry Hermle, Kieninger and Urgos mechanical movements. We also stock cuckoo clock movements.

Mechanical Movements Quartz Movements Electrical Movements Repair

It is often more cost effective to replace a worn grandfather, wall or mantel clock movement than to have it rebuilt. The process is usually simpler and yields the same, or possibly better, results. . .

To determine the clock movement you need, look at the back of your current movement. You'll find an alphanumeric model number (and often the manufacturer's name) on the lower portion of the movement. If the clock has a pendulum, a second code giving the pendulum length (usually in centimeters) will be visible near the model number.

With this information (movement model number and pendulum length, when applicable), we can easily provide you with pricing and availability information via telephone, fax or e-mail.

Should you have difficulty determining your movement model number, give us a call during our extended business hours and we will be happy to try and help!

We offer a wide assortment of battery powered clock movements in several shapes, sizes and shaft lengths. Whether you are replacing a non-functioning unit or are a hobbyist building a clock - Hawkins Clocks stocks the unit you need at affordable prices.

In order to determine the correct unit, the correct movement and shaft dimensions are critical. If the clock has a pendulum, the length of the pendulum is also important.

To determine the unit you need, measure the length, width & depth of the movement and the length & width of the shaft. Measure the shaft from the front face of the movement to the tip of the shaft.

If your movement replacement requires clock hands, the size of the chapter ring on the clock face is a requirement. This is the ring that is typically located just outside the ring of numbers on the clock face. The size of the ring will determine the length of the hands. You will also need to determine the hand style.

Should you require assistance in determining you needs, just phone, fax or e-mail us for a quick response!

Hawkins Clocks stocks an assortment of electrical replacement units for use primarily in wall clocks, mantel clocks and in-wall installation.

To help us determine your needs, we will need to know the product information from your electric clock unit. Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail for pricing and availability of the electrical movement you need.

Hawkins Clocks offers in-house clock repair service for all types of clocks, whether wall, mantel or floor clocks. For over 35 years, Hawkins has specialized in the repair of antique clocks, and offers an uncompromised, conservative repair protocol which assures our customers a complete and thorough clock movement repair. To support our customers, Hawkins offers a one year warranty on all service.

If you have a repair question please feel free to contact the Clock Service department using our toll free number 1-877-309-4171


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