On our Feature Page, we would like to introduce you to some of the finest clocks that we have been fortunate enough to acquire and make available in our West Allis, Wisconsin showroom.

These clocks, whether mantle, wall, or "longcase" grandfathers, represent what we feel are some of the most unusual and undoubtedly some of the highest quality clocks (and limited editions in some cases) available anywhere in the world.

In our travels and association with various manufacturers around the world, we hope to periodically update our Feature Clocks Page and share with you, our customers and potential customers, beautiful clocks that are true works of art that will be tomorrow's heirlooms.

   by Kieninger of Germany

This majestic, 24 carat gold plated solid brass timepiece is worthy of being a Kieninger Numbered Edition.

Seven hand-beveled curved crystal panels dome a high-polished mechanical movement that chimes three melodies on nine diamond cut symphonic bells.

A 24 carat gold plated filigree dial is accentuated with a silver plated time disc that includes a moon phase and second, date, day of the week, and month indicators.

Please visit us to see this magnificent timepiece. It is truly breathtaking and a must for the serious collector.


The Jefferson
   by Stoneybrook Clocks of Wisconsin

This clock by Stoneybrook Clocks is a faithful reproduction of an early Pennsylvania dutch clock originally built in the late 1800's  It can be recognised as a copy of an early American classic and may be sought after by discerning collectors. It is a beautiful very tall long case clock.


. The earliest clocks to appear in America were those brought over by the early settlers. Initially basic methods of clock construction mimicked those used in England and Europe but had to be adapted to local needs because of the short supply of materials.  Local woods such as cherry, walnut , mahogany or tiger maple were used..

This magnificent clock called the Jefferson stands 93"

tall and is made of solid tiger maple.  The bonnet is

removable. Hand cut curved Dental molding adorns the split pediment

at the crown.  Four individually turned side spindles complete the bonnet.

The classic lines, deep relief of

wood detail and strength of construction makes it a

clock that will last for generations to come.

This pinch waisted tall case clock which has a hand rubbed satin finish is

handcrafted in the old traditional style with the traditional ogee feet

The dial is hand produced in the United States and is magnificently painted by an artist from North Carolina. The hand painted moon dial completes the look.

The classic longcase cabinet door has two ornately hand carved shells on the top and bottom.

Stoneybrook Clocks of Wisconsin, cares enough to build the very best. If you wish to have a custom painted dial this can be done by the artist for an additional fee dpending on what additional details are requirred.  A couple of examples of such dials are as follows:


A grandmother version of the tiger maple clock is also available from Stoneybrook.  The clock is available in both tiger maple and in solid cherry.  Painted dials are also available.

A very elegant grandmother clock for the person who wants the beauty of an old fashioned clock but not the height of a long case clock. Note the glass front of this clock.  It ia available with either a glass front door or a solid door like the large Jefferson grandfather clock.


   by Comitti of London

The introduction of the pendulum in England in the 1650's heralded the great age of clock making in Britain. It was to prove a technological lead that remained virtually unchallenged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Comitti's goal is to recreate the extraordinary ingenuity and craftsmanship of the most eminent English clock  makers. An example of the most famous is that of Harrison's "Grasshopper".

This clock is based on the "escapement" invented by the famous clock maker John Harrison (1693 - 1776). 

Harrison made the first marine chronometer that made it possible for seafarers to calculate their longitude position by observing the stars and comparing the angle of their position with a known angle at a given time in Greenwich, London. Examples of his work are exhibited in the Old Royal Observatory. 

The pendulums that Harrison used were inter-linked so that any motion to one would be compensated for by the same effect on the other. This was particularly important for the operation of a clock subject to motion, for example, the roll of a ship. 

A beautiful example of the clock maker's art, the "Grasshopper's" eight-day movement is fusee-driven, gold plated, and protected by a glass cover. The dials are etched and sliver plated and the 180-degree scale above the dial indicates the seconds. 

This is truly an outstanding clock!

   by jean-claude Alonet

Jean-Claude's tall clocks are, in many cases, reproductions of the famous comptoise clocks of the 17th century and this clock, in particular, is exceptionally outstanding.

Designed and detailed by Jean-Claude, the AM 11 is made of solid walnut; all joints are doweled to provide the optimum strength, creating a case designed to last for many generations to come.

It should be noted that Alonet selects nothing but the finest grades of timbers in the production of his clocks. His rich natural finish is achieved by sanding, then applying several coats of tinted bees wax, all by hand.

The dial of this clock (see insert) is made from oven-fired enamel, exactly like the high quality clocks in the past. The AM 11's dial is actually made up from 25 individually fired, hand painted enamel cartridges, all set into cast bronze dial plates.

The AM 11 is a clock crafted in the fashion so truly reminiscent of centuries gone by.



                                             An ELI TERRY replica

                                             By Stoneybrook Clocks


 This clock is a replica of an original Eli Terry pillar and scroll clock produced out of solid tiger maple wood.  The case which is exquisite, measures 31" high by 17" wide by 7" deep. It has a hand rubbed satin varnish finish and is hand crafted here in America.  It features a painted metal dial.  The bottom panel has a reversed painted glass front.  Solid brass finials adorn the top of the clock.  The pillars on each side of the door have been hand turned.  The clock has the most melodious westminster chimes.

The picture does not do the clock justice. It really is a magnificent clock to own.

Contemporary Clocks







Infinity Pedestal Clock

A wonderful contemporary floor clock that is made of brushed aluminum on wood. A light in the clock gives it the illusion of looking into a deep tunnel (18"  * 72")

























































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